Fall Brings Renewed Vision Challenges

Back-to-school and the coming of Oregon’s rainy season present renewed challenges for us visually. Kids are moving from a year of intense computer work to in-classroom learning. It’s pretty easy for them to tell that they are having trouble trying to read the board in...

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Blue-Light Filtering Glasses and Digital Eye Strain

With the recent Covid-related increase in computer and tablet use for all ages, it is important to do what we can to make our eyes comfortable while working on digital devices. Research studies do not indicate that the blue-light emitted by our electronic devices...

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Clean Up with our Fall Give-Away

We’re giving away a Zoria Skin Cleanser and a Zoria Eye-Makeup Remover to one lucky customer! Stop in and fill out an entry slip or email us at with “Zoria Giveaway” in the Subject line, include your name and contact information. Drawing on...

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Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum

Safer Results with Drug-Free Zoria® Lash Intensifying Serum from OCuSOFT – Monday, April 30, 2018 Safer Results with Drug-Free Zoria® Lash Intensifying Serum from OCuSOFT® FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rosenberg, TX (April 25, 2018) – In light of recent news reports,...

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In the News

Check out these 5 tips from Medical News Today to help keep your eyes healthy! It’s not new advice, we’ve been saying it for years, but sometimes it’s good to hear it again! Like the rest of our body, our eyes need healthy habits for best...

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