Blue-Light Filtering Glasses and Digital Eye Strain

With the recent Covid-related increase in computer and tablet use for all ages, it is important to do what we can to make our eyes comfortable while working on digital devices. Research studies do not indicate that the blue-light emitted by our electronic devices causes damage to the eye. However, many people claim symptomatic relief from digital eye strain while wearing blue light glasses. This may be due to an increase in contrast created by the blue light filter.  Studies have shown that exposure to blue light can affect our sleep patterns, and reducing exposure a couple of hours before bed is advised – by placing your deivce in night mode, using blue light glasses or simply turning them off.

Because some people are finding them helpful, we are carrying a selection of blue-light filtering glasses that can be purchased in the office with no prescription necessary. We have both no power (just blue-light filtering) and reading glasses with blue-light filtering available.

Many other factors contribute to digital eye strain.  Dry eye, uncorrected astigmatism, and eye misalignment are some factors that may need to be explored in an eye exam.  Improper positioning of the monitor and infrequent visual breaks are some things you may be able to improve upon yourself.  The screen should ideally be about 4-5 inches below eye level, and seating should allow you to have both feet on the floor and face the screen squarely.  Vision breaks are recommend every 20 minutes for 20 seconds (20/20) and should include looking into the distance to allow your eye’s focus to relax.  Strong squeezing blinks can also be helpful for dry eye symptoms.

More information about Digital Eye Strain can be found on the American Optometric Association website at